June 25, 2017

“Vaccination” Feature Length Screenplay: Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017 Official Selection

“Vaccination” by screenwriter Ward Edmondson is an official selection to Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017. This story is a nice mix of science fiction, horror and apocalyptic societal meltdown. Edmondson creates an interesting yet flawed protagonist that you find yourself cheering for as the story moves. Good pacing and descriptions make this a special story which our judges feel, should be produced into a movie in the near future. Ward has gone out of his way to promote this story, which is the only screenplay in the Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017 line-up that has a trailer already!

Tagline: “When a rogue CDC scientist discovers the only way to stop a horrible plague from killing half the world’s population is to to test on prison inmates, she does everything in her power to find a vaccination before they test on her incarcerated boyfriend.”

Horror Films in Hotlanta

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