July 6, 2017

Nominations for “Best Ensemble Cast” Award: Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017

Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017

Nominations for the “Best Ensemble Cast” Award:

  1. “Beneath the Surface”
  2. “Redneck Zombie” 
  3. “Ivy” 
  4. “The Barber’s Cut” 
  5. “Chateau Sauvignon: terroir”
The judges of Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017 are proud to announce five film nominations for the “Best Ensemble Cast” Award. Out of the 114 short horror film submitted, these films are recognized for having multiple actors that performed at a high level.

Beneath the Surface” features acting performances by Nathan Caywood, Sabrina Howells, Donna Thomas, Matt Iseman and Wayland McQueen.

Redneck Zombie” features acting performances by Keith Brooks, Babacar Ndiaye, Jae Hitch and Mookie Harney.

Ivy” features acting performances by Gita Amely, Zach Cohen, Einav Markel, Debbie Levin and Dan Shaked.

The Barber’s Cut” features acting performances by Lewis Georgeson, Alisa Arnah, David Whitford

Horror Films in Hotlanta

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