June 26, 2017

“Ding Dong” Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017 Official Selection

“Ding Dong” directed by Timothy Troy is an official selection of Horror Films in Hotlanta 2017. What begins as an innocent situation turns into a frightening series of events. Timothy Troy does a great job of setting up a shocking ending to this short film. Yvonne Szumski delivers a great performance. Cinematographer Brian Levin’s visual style is interesting and adds a bit of mystery to the entire story as it unfolds. Tagline: “Alexis goes to bed, her husband out having a drink with the guys. The doorbell keeps ringing, but each time there’s no one there.”

Director’s Statement: “Ding Dong” really started from a simple, commonplace experience: who hasn’t lay awake in the night and listened to the unnerving concert that a house can perform? The creaks of the house’s bones, the strangle scuttling of an animal across a roof, the eerie whispers of the wind…
I started to wonder how to turn the typical sounds of a house into instruments to terrify. What if a monster could mimic those sounds as a means to lure out its prey?

I’d been looking for a simple, straightforward project to sink my teeth into, and this one came together with comparatively little fuss or trouble in the writing stage.

As a director, I feel my strengths tend to be in atmosphere and visual storytelling, which describes this film perfectly. I had a very strong concept of what I wanted this film to be, though I must give credit to the cast and crew for their invaluable additions. The entire cast and crew was drawn from the professional production community of Chicago, including multiple union members donating their time. As a great crew does, they improved innumerable things, from design to camera work to sound and editing. The best part of directing is seeing an idea come out even better than you had imagined it, and that can only happen when you have a great crew.

I firmly believe its my strongest work to date. Even now, after a few hundred viewings of the piece, it still feels confident in its choices. I feel like that’s the best place a director can be.

Horror Films in Hotlanta

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